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todo with
push notification

Planning is not that hard, you don't have to be afraid with syPhone! Easily write what you want to remember, check as done or undone and if you want to, set a date to get notified! syPhone will automatically help you remember what you wanted to do. This will also work while syPhone is in the background or even it is not running at all!
web browser

You can add your web adresses to your list and log on to your favorite websites without turning off syPhone.
rss reader

Tired of unnecessary features with crowded interface of rss readers? Just want a clean and easy to follow interface? Type the address of the site you want to follow, don't try to find the rss links, syPhone will do that for you! You'll easily follow what's new without suffering from advanced features.
world time

Don't try to add or substract hours to determine what's the time in your country while you are on bussiness vocation. Define your favourite places & you'll be just 1 touch away from learning the time. Remember: No time to loose!

Get ahead of the time and don't get caught to the rain! Track weather reports easily. Define your favourite places and you'll be the weather man!

That is at the center of the screen, what to say more? You just use your eyes to see the calendar! What's faster than that?
touch it one time,
that's syPhone!

There are many applications for messaging, planning todo lists, reading rss, etc.. The difference of syPhone is, it's ability to combine all of them with their advanced and easily operable features. You don't have to touch continuously everywhere on your device to get information from 10 different applications. syPhone will touch for you!

+ fast call, fast find, twitter & facebook sharing,
send e-mail & message and more...

The best iPhone experience with syPhone.